London removal services


If you are looking for a company that provides a wide range of various relocation services look no more because you have found it. We offer a selection of different removal services like no other moving contractor in the city.

homeremovals-london1It may sound hubris but when it comes to doing removals in London we are the company to hire because we have been specializing in the field of domestic removals for almost two decades. Our experience permits us to say that we can tackle any type of removal project and if you have any doubts about our claim, hire us and we will gladly prove it to you that we are indeed the company to call in terms of London based removal services.

The removal services that we offer are listed down bellow accompanied by a short description:

  • Full domestic removal – we conduct the entire relocation from start to finish and we will empty and move the entire content of the household that we are moving.
  • Partial home removal – we will participate only in one or several stages of the relocation process or we will move only a part of the content of the household that we are relocating.
  • Packing – we take part only in the packing stage of the relocation.
  • Loading and unloading – our team of carriers will come and help you out with the loading and unloading of the moving van.
  • Moving van rental – we are willing to rent out one or more of our fully equipped moving vans to a client. We can also provide you with a driver or team of drivers.
  • Sale of packing supplies – quality packing supplies are hard to find, but we are one of the few moving companies in the city that sell packing supplies to people that are facing relocation.
  • Relocation consults – some people don’t feel comfortable with entrusting their belongings to strangers and we can understand them well. This is why we are willing to give advice to people that are going to conduct their own relocation but don’t have the necessary know-how to handle it properly.
  • Relocation insurance – although we are a moving contractor that can guarantee its services, bad things happen in rare occasions and this is why we offer top notch relocation insurances to our clients which guarantee that they will get reimbursed for possible damages.

Have also in mind that the prices for London removal services whether it is a Moving job or a Junk clearance project vary depending on the Vehicle that we should send to complete the project. That is why it is essential that you instruct our operators on the phone what kind of service you require.

We have stated basis prices on our website, but after our representatives get all the information, you will receive a custom optimized price quote that would match your budget. We are looking forward to working for you!